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General Questions

What is digitizing or setup?

Digitizing is the process of turning your logo or designs into a file which can be read by the embroidery machine.  All machines are different and most require specific file types to provide optimum results. 

In a time of instant messages and instant photos, there is nothing instant about digitizing.  The digitizer takes the artwork provided and recreates the design by using specialized software.  The number, length, direction and type of each stitch is programmed by the digitizer, as well as the starts, stops, trims and ties.  The digitizer must also include instructions to the machine on when and where to change thread colors.

Setup is the preparation of a design. Setup does not include digitizing, including editing or lettering.

What is the cost for digitizing or setup?

Digitizing and setup costs are determined by the job.  Factors include the number of stitches and the complexity of the design.  The cost of digitizing a business logo ranges from $45 to $75, depending upon the size and complexity of the design.  Unless there are drastic changes made to the size or the design, this is a one-time fee.

Setup is also based upon the size and complexity of the design, but is substantially less than digitizing.

Can I provide my own digitized design?

A well digitized design will run faster, smoother and provide more professional results.  A poorly digitized design can cause outlines to be out of line, details to be obscured, repeated thread breaks, needle breaks and even damage the embroidery machine.  

Not only do we want to provide quality embroidery in a timely manner, we want to protect our equipment.  Therefore, we work with digitzers who have many years of experience and provide excellent products.

However, for a fee, we can review your file and determine if it will sew well.  A sample of the sewn design will be provided for your review. 

Do you charge for consultation?

No.  We will be happy to meet with you or contact you to discuss your needs and provide an estimate.  

What if our company doesn’t have a logo?

No problem. You can choose from hundreds of stock designs. These designs can be adapted and personalized to create a professional logo for your business. Creative lettering applications can also provide a unique look for your business name.

Three Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring An Embroider

  • Not asking for sewn samples of the design or logo. 
  • Not asking about the possibilities and limitations of embroidery – knowing how to determine the quality of the embroidery. 
  • Choosing inferior garments and the cheapest embroidery, only to be disappointed with image, quality and durability.